My Portfolio

Organisational Development

Support you in:

  • Change processes: analysis, implementation und change of organisational design and culture

  • Continuous improvement processes

  • Communication within the organisation

  • Developing leaders and employees  

Leadership Development

  • Leadership Trainings

  • Employee conversations

  • Performance Management

  • Supporting new leaders

  • Individual Coachings  

Team Development

Optimizing cooperation and teamwork:

  • „New Leader Assimilation“  workshops

  • Facilitation of Teamworkshops

  • REISS – profile based workshops 

Conflict-Management / Mediation

  • Leader / employee

  • Employee / employee

  • Team

What is your benefit from working with me?

Organisations are much more successful, when the cooperation runs smoothly, conflicts are handled constructively, people receive recognition and are encouraged to take on ownership.

Changes can only be implemented when all employees are involved.

Leaders who value the contribution of their employees give them inspiration and energy. This is a major requirement for employee motivation. 

By developing the potential of their employees, companies and employees grow together.

Trailor-made solutions:

The key is in your hand, because:

  • Every human being holds the potential for change and the resources for the solutions.
  • The company culture, the leader’s attitude and behavior have a significant impact on the motivation, development and performance of their employees and teams.

I am happy to support you with the analysis, concept and implementation.

How to proceed:

  1. Please contact me here. 
  2. We talk about your requirements.
  3. Based on this information I would offer you a program according to your needs.
  4. I am part of a network of consultants, who can be involved in case of broad assignments.